SKM International Ltd.

    SKM International Ltd is a private Bulgarian company in the field of rail and road transport, loading and export of precursors category 3. The company owns a unique installation for loading operations from railroad cisterns to specialized auto cisterns. The goal of this investment is to guarantee safe usage of the installation for a long period of time and to expand the capacity for loading and discharging operations. The company also deals with import of raw materials and materials for the chemical and metallurgical industries.


   At this stage, the company has its own railroad and locomotive, facilitating the company's activities and performing customer services. SKM international is among the leading exporters of sulfuric acid. Our clients are the largest factories in Serbia, more specifically the factory in Shabatz and the factory in Prahovo. We will offer you specific transport and additional logistics services, which we will coordinate with your requirements and the specifics of your shipment.